Glock Armorer Services:

Complete dissassembly and 15 point inspection/function checks, $30.00 (this should be done at least once per year).


Cleaning, $20.00

Install Sights, $20.00

Trigger component polishing to smooth out the trigger pull, $50.00.....To also lighten the trigger pull, add $30.00.

Repairs,  $60.00 per hour.  Repairs may include:  Replace OEM front and rear sights, replace firing pin, replace spring cups, replace connector, replace EDP and spring, replace spacer sleeve, replace channel liner, replace safety and spring, replace locking block and pin, replace magazine release, change gen 4 mag. release from right to left hand, replace magazine floor plates, replace magazine spring assembly, replace recoil spring, replace slide cover plate, check clearance of trigger-firing pin contact area, replace slide lock, replace trigger assembly, replace slide stop lever, replace guide rod and spring(s).


 Personal and Home Tactical DefenseCourse   is a total of 4 hours, about 3 1/2 in the classroom and  about a half-hour shooting drills with our state of the art Laser pistol system.  This is an advanced class. There is no live fire in this class, since the focus is on home defense, technique, and strategies.

We discuss advanced pistol handling and home defense subjects, like what to do if you hear that "bump" in the night, shoot or no shoot, setting up a personal protection plan, etc.


Intro: Statistics you should be aware of.

1. Developing a personal protection plan.

2. Self defense firearm basics.

3. Defensive Shooting fundamentals.

4. The legal use of force

5. Violent encounters and their aftermath.

6. Gear and Gadgets

7. Basic and Advanced Skills

The cost for this class is $75. There is a book available for purchase in class for $20. (book is not required for the class)

It is preferable for a student to have attended either the Concealed Carry or Basic Pistol courses prior to signing up for this one. As usual, we attempt to limit class size so that everyone gets all of the personal attention they require.

As with all of our classes, NO AMMO in the classroom.

ATTENTION: All of our classes are very casual, please dress comfortably and feel free to ask questions. Please feel free to bring snacks, drinks and/or lunch.....we will break for only about 1/2 hour for lunch and there are several fast food places within about 3 minutes drive, if you prefer. 

We do not offer refunds, but if an emergency keeps you from attending a class, we will gladly give you credit for the next available class.

Double J  Firearm Training

Courses currently offered:

Concealed Carry/Basic Pistolclass is a total of up to 7 hours in class and 1 at the range. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate which is accepted by the State of Florida as satisfying the education requirement of your license application.  We have added the Basic Pistol class training, as well. The basic pistol class includes the following:

1. Pistol Knowledge and safe gun handling

2. Ammunition knowledge and fundamentals of pistol shooting

3. Firing the first shots.

4. Two-handed and one handed standing shooting positions.

5. Pistol sports and activities.

Students learn all of the basics of pistol operations, including different types of grip, stance, breath control, trigger control, etc. We will also have examples of the different types of pistols in the classroom, so you get hands-on time with them.

You  will receive an application packet from the state, containing everything you need to apply for your permit. The cost of the class is $75.00, which includes the range fee, use of our firearms and ammo! You may bring your own firearm (please check it with us at the door), or use one of ours. You will need your own ammo, unless you use one of our firearms, in which case we will provide the ammo.....but please noteABSOLUTELY  NO AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM...EVEN IF YOU ARE A POLICE OFFICER, NO AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM!

Basic Rifle is a total of 14 hours (two days), 13 in class and 1 at the range.  Upon successful completion, you will receive an NRA certificate in Basic Rifle Training.  The cost of the class is $150.00, plus range fees (usually $15). We will provide firearms and ammunition.  Please note: ABSOLUTELY NO AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM...EVEN IF YOU ARE A POLICE OFFICER, NO AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM!