Double J  Firearm Training

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Here at Double J Firearm Training, it is all about you....your training and your comfort!  Joe and Joanna teach in a relaxed, casual atmosphere, where there are no wrong questions. Their emphasis is on making your training a fulfilling and fun filled experience. They keep classes small....12 or that they can give you all of the attention you need and deserve.

Thier goal is to make your firearm training as complete as possible, and to have you achieve a good comfort level with your training.

Joe and Joanna are both NRA Certified instructors in both pistol and rifle, as well as being NRA Certified Range Safety Officers. In addition, Joanna is also certified as a USCCA instructor.

They are both competitive shooters as well as instructors, participating in local range leagues, GSSF matches, IDPA matches, Steel matches, and Joanna in addition, shoots USPSA matches.